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Let’s understand Hydrocele

Accumulation of fluid formed around a testicle is called a hydrocele. It is a kind of swelling in the scrotum which occurs when the fluid collects in the thin sheath around the testicle. It occurs mainly on one side of the testicle but it can occur over both testicles as well.
It is commonly found in babies but can also develop in adult boys and men. Hydrocele can affect any male irrespective of his age. Hydrocele in babies does not require any treatment as it is painless and causes no harm as such.


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The causes of hydrocele are different
in both newborns and adults.


The symptom of a hydrocele is
generally painless swelling.


Treatment for hydrocele is done when
signs like pain and swelling surface.

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Dr. Ashish Bhanot

Dr. Ashish Bhanot, Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist and Bariatric Surgeon is one of the pioneers of Needloscopic, relatively pain and scar free technique, Bariatric and day care Bariatric surgery in india. His professional experience is immense with his being a Chief Consultant and Head Laparoscopic General, GI and Obesity Surgery at various prestigious National & International Institutions.

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