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Let’s understand Hydrocele

Accumulation of fluid formed around a testicle is called a hydrocele. It is a kind of swelling in the scrotum which occurs when the fluid collects in the thin sheath around the testicle. It occurs mainly on one side of the testicle but it can occur over both testicles as well.
It is commonly found in babies but can also develop in adult boys and men. Hydrocele can affect any male irrespective of his age. Hydrocele in babies does not require any treatment as it is painless and causes no harm as such.


Curing the problem with dedication


The causes of hydrocele are different
in both newborns and adults.


The symptom of a hydrocele is
generally painless swelling.


Treatment for hydrocele is done when
signs like pain and swelling surface.

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yashpal singh
yashpal singh
05:41 17 Mar 20
Best surgeon for the fistula treatment in delhi .i got cured by his hands. With a doctor great human being also.
rahul gahlan
rahul gahlan
15:30 13 Mar 20
Thank GOD. That i came across with Dr bhanot who redeemed me of my prolonged lipoma problem which i have beeen... suffering from last 5 years.. There were a few lipoma ls that were removed within half an hour without any discomfort and pain. Highly professional and efficient... KUDOS to the doctor.. Thanks u sir.read more
Tulu Sahu
Tulu Sahu
06:56 13 Mar 20
Excellent treatment for lipoma removal without scars .thank u Dr Ashish bhanot
shiv pratap singh chauhan
shiv pratap singh chauhan
03:40 20 Feb 20
Fantastic staff n very experienced doctor......A true non- invasive hospital for lipoma removal.Recommended to... all👍👍👍👍👍👍read more
Shivendra Kumar
Shivendra Kumar
04:37 08 Feb 20
Good experience in terms of special care and right treatment !! Patient was more comfortable and happy to get right... doctor in place for her gall bladder stone removalread more
Shekib Ahmad
Shekib Ahmad
11:03 18 Jan 20
Best treatment and cheap prices and I suggest to you also of any body want to treatment please visit there 🥰
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