Both newborns and adults can develop a hydrocele. There are different causes for the development of hydrocele in babies and men.

In babies

Hydrocele in babies develop even before birth. The testicle which grow in the belly of a man moves to his scrotum through a channel or tunnel. A sac of fluid accompanies each testicle which lets the fluid surround the testicles. A baby gets a hydrocele when the process does not go in the order.

In adults and elderly

Boys and the elder men develop hydrocele develop hydrocele when there is inflammation or injury within the scrotum.

Two types of hydrocele

Communicating hydrocele – When the sac filled with fluid around the testicle does not close, it is known as a communicating hydrocele. Swelling of scrotum can increase in this kind of hydrocele over a period of time.

Non communicating hydrocele – When a thin sac closes like normal, non communicating hydrocele occurs. A man’s body is unable to absorb the fluid inside the sac in this case and the remaining fluid gets absorbed into the body within a period of one year.